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Improv Coach Jamie Honey, International Stunt Actor


Improv Teaches Effective Communication Skills

Improv Communication Skills, Learn Improv

Improv Improves Communication

Improv Teaches Effective Communication

Good effective communication builds trust and understanding between parties and generates greater potentials. Communication is the fundamental basis of any relationship, whether personal, private, public, business or international. All relationships are as successful as the communication is effective. To learn improv is fundamental in building these skills.

Being attentive and present when receiving information in the communication process is extremely important. This is a skill which is often overlooked in our fast paced world. It's a skill most can use some improving with. One of the ways to improve this skill is through the modalities of improv. If there is no genuine "Listening" then there are just 2 people talking at each other,… not communicating. Quite often we are not "Listening" we are just waiting for our chance/moment to speak and express our thoughts.

When we are talking we are expressing what we know and think ....... When we are listening we are learning what someone else knows and thinks!

My improv exercises, improv games and processes help to improve your ability to 'listen" completely to what is being conveyed;…audibly, visually and emotionally. It trains you in fun and laugh filled moments to understand the whole picture and be able to communicate back.

My Improv Games and excercises increase your skills in a fun way to "Listen" completely to the message. Listening completely means understanding their message of what, how, why, sounds and visually what they are intending to convey.

Why the focus on FUN? When you are happy and having fun you are more engaged, open and focused on what you are learning.
Jamie Honey

Many people think that communicating effectively is merely a matter of finding and using the right magic words. They believe that using certain words in the right order, will get them the results they want.

Unfortunately, these people are living in a dream world. Scientific research tells us that attempting to persuade by words alone is about as effective as trying to chop down a tree with a Swiss Army knife.

In a study conducted at UCLA, Dr. Albert Mehrabian found that when verbal, vocal and visual signals are inconsistent, content counts for a mere seven percent of the overall message. Most of our message - about 55 percent - is sent by facial expressions and body language; but 38% depends on the quality of our voices-pitch, tone, volume, and inflection.

The implications of this are shocking. Only 7% is what you say and if anything about your voice is flat or distracting, annoying or boring, you could be reducing your effectiveness by 38%!

Excepted from 'Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice' by Susan Berkley. Copyright 1999

"Through the fun and joy of doing my improvisation exercises, you learn to connect with what you want to say, not just with words, making your ability to communicate so much stronger."
Jamie Honey

Learn Improv, Have More Fun, Improvisation Can Change Your Life

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